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IM=X Pilates Sparks offers clients unlimited and limited memberships as well as session packages of any size. Our fees are extremely competitive and, of course, the more you buy, the more you save!  With our unlimited membership at $135/month, you may come as many days as you wish. If you come 3 times a week, the cost amounts to just over $10 per class. At 4 visits a week, the cost is less than $7.50 per class.  Some clients participate in over 6 classes a week!  That's less than $5.00 a session! 

Group Class Membership

Xercizer (reformer) Sessions

Unlimited Group Classes

$135 per month

2 Group Classes a Week

$115 per month

3 Month Pre-Pay Unlimited Group Classes

$375 ($125/mo.)

6 Month Pre-Pay Unlimited Group Classes

$720 ($120/mo.)

5 Pack Drop-In Group Classes (60 day expiration)


10 Pack Drop-In Group Classes (3 month expiration)


20 Pack Drop-In Group Classes (6 month expiration)


Single Drop-In Group Class (30 day expiration)



Private Training

New Client Private Session (limit 1, 30 day expiration)


1 Private Session (30 day expiration)


5 Private Sessions (3 month expiration)


10 Private Sessions (6 month expiration)


20 Private Sessions (9 month expiration)



Duet and Triplet Training

Please Contact the Studio for Pricing



"Built to withstand heavy usage, the Xercizer, is an updated version of the original Pilates Reformer that features an extra-durable, industrial design. ...The Xercizer is supported by the company’s IM=X Program, a turnkey Pilates package designed specifically for fitness facilities."

— Fitness Industry Technology