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The IM=X® Pilates Team is Qualified To Help You Reach Your Goals

Our instructors receive top-notch training in our scientifically-proven method for success. All instructors attend premiere certification courses and continuing education on our unique movement formats so that they are constantly on the forefront of the fitness field. Whether you are looking to lose inches, improve performance, reduce back pain, prevent injury, or tone up, our instructors are equipped and ready to help you meet your goals!

Katherine McQueen
Owner and Manager

Growing up in Beverly Hills Katherine felt the pressure to be thin at a very young age. Her father was ‘Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’s’ Sidekick, Ed McMahon so Katherine grew up on a television set. Katherine became a Mom at the age of 23. During her pregnancy, Katherine got pre-eclampsia and gained 100 pounds. The weight did not ‘fall off’ like she had hoped it would. In fact, it was just the opposite. Depression set in which ultimately led to more weight gain. After Katherine had her second baby she was chasing her kids around when she began to have chest pain. That moment was when it all changed. Katherine didn’t want to not be able to run after her kids without being out of breath. There began the most important moment of her life. Flash to now. Katherine has lost over 105 pounds. She has tried many workouts but finds that Pilates is the one her body most responds to. Her love of Pilates became so great that she realized her passion was to own her own studio. Katherine hopes to have women and men of all shapes and sizes come to her IMX Pilates Studio to fall in love with how amazing IMX makes them feel!

Rachel Klein
Certified IM=X Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer.

In 2015, Rachel embraced her desire to change careers and follow a path she’s been interested in for a long time: sports medicine with an emphasis in kinesiology and rehabilitation, while including integrated health platforms (and work with other health professionals) such as nutrition, positive lifestyle habits, and alternative methods of healing. Rachel was a very active child growing up (and still is!) and participated in a variety of sports including gymnastics, soccer, a variety of different styles of dance, volleyball, softball, cross-country, track and field and seemingly everything in between. However, with every new sport came a new injury. She always had a strong passion for yoga and Pilates and saw first-hand how beneficial and healing each can be; it was her main inspiration to switch careers. Rachel has recently participated in an in-house Personal Training course and received her NASM Personal Trainer certification. Her goals are to teach, help and coach people to achieve their fitness goals and improve their lifestyle and overall physical functionality for everyday activities. In her spare time, Rachel like to travel, go to festivals, be creative and DIY anything she can, spend time with family and her lovely pup, Abba Zaba, and create essential oil blends and regenerative lotions for her holistic healing line.

Kaitlin Cacciotti
Certified IM=X Pilates Instructor | Physical Therapist | Personal Trainer |

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Kaitlin grew up with access to every type of outdoor recreation imaginable. From swimming to snowmobiling, she experienced physical adventure at every level. As a young girl she quickly picked up soccer, and continued to pursue her passion in competitive leagues as an adult. Turning passion into profession, she attended the University of Ottawa, earning a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics degree. Following her undergraduate studies, she moved to Australia to study at Bond University, resulting in the accomplishment of a Doctor of Physiotherapy degree. In practice, her experience spans from personal trainer, athletic therapist, physiotherapy assistant, and a licensed Physiotherapist with a special interest in Pediatrics. She has contributed to the field with publications such as “Physical activity and Childhood Academic Achievement” as well as ongoing involvement in observational studies in “Motor Proficiency and English Academic Outcomes”. Her work has taken her around the world from the Gold Coast of Australia to London, England, where most recently she worked as a Pediatric Physiotherapist at a number of institutions, including St. George's Hospital and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. As a recent transplant to Santa Barbara, she brings a wealth of insight, experience and passion to the IMX team.

Rebecca Solomon
IMX Instructor | BootyBarre Instructor

Rebecca has always enjoyed sharing her love of dance, music, and performance with others and was an active stage performer, songwriter, and dancer all throughout her childhood. She transitioned to teaching fitness after earning her undergraduate degree at Santa Clara University, and became a certified Zumba instructor. Wanting to be continuously challenged, she found barre fitness to be another format that allowed her to express her love of dance and provide targeted, fully-body workouts that produced wonderful results! Currently pursuing her Master’s in Social Work with an emphasis on Children Youth and Families online from the University of Southern California, Rebecca has found barre fitness and dance therapy to be incredibly powerful in their capacity to create a positive body-mind connection. While she’ll always be an Oregonian at heart, Rebecca loves her new home in Santa Barbara, her doggie sidekick Finn, and helping all her clients discover their inner dancer!

Kaycie Perotte
Certified IM=X Pilates Instructor | Personal Trainer | Tower Instructor | BootyBarre Bounce Instructor

Kaycie Perotte is a Santa Barbara native who loves to share her love of being active as much as possible. She enjoys hiking, kickboxing, taking her dog Apollo to the beach and running in local races in town. Growing up she played softball and was a jazz and hip-hop dancer where she found that being active was her true passion. She then decided she would pursue her personal training certificate and career in fitness at The American Fitness and Nutrition Academy. As a Personal trainer she worked at a Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu gym in Los Angeles were she found her passion for kickboxing and martial arts. From managing gyms, membership sales, marketing and training she has helped gyms grow and people reach their fitness goals. She loves to share her knowledge of nutrition and fitness along with sharing fun and new healthy recipes. The reward for helping people reach their goals is the reason she chose this career path. She is big believer that anything is possible as long as you work hard and challenge yourself to learn new and different ways of achieving your goals! She hopes to continue to learn new types of training techniques and motivate others to live a happy healthy lifestyle!

Nicole Jurzenski
Pilates Instructor

Nicole Jurzenski is originally from Lake Tahoe. She grew up playing sports like soccer, track, and cheerleading, and skiing. She was also an avid dancer and part of a hip hop dance company. She received her BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Business Economics and Accounting with a minor in Art History. Nicole’s passion for pilates started in 2007 at Pilates Platinum in Los Angeles and she continued her Pilates practice at Ploome Pilates in Philadelphia. Nicole continued her love for exercise and the Pilates practice when she moved to Denver and became certified as a Lagree Pilates instructor at Pilates Evolution as well as a motivational speaker for small business owners. She has been teaching since 2016 and she just recently relocated back to Santa Barbara, and is very excited to be a part of IMX Pilates team. In addition to Pilates, Nicole practices Barre, Spinning, and is an active runner and hiker. She lives everyday by her favorite quote from Charlie Day “"I don’t think you should just do what makes you happy. Do what makes you great."

Sara Furman
PiYo Instructor

Sara started teaching fitness classes in 2006 when she was first certified to teach TurboKick. She dabbled in sports growing up but it wasn’t until her mid twenties that she fell in love with living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Sara has obtained additional speciality certifications over the years such as Insanity, PiYo, Urban Striptease and has experience leading boot camp and strength training classes. She enjoys challenging herself and has accomplished goals such as running a half marathon, obstacle course races, and bikini fitness competitions. Sara grew up in Pennsylvania and lived in Boston for eight years before moving to California in May 2016. She just recently moved to Santa Barbara and is looking forward to growing in the community and sharing her passion for living a fit and healthy life.

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