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The IM=X® Pilates Team is Qualified To Help You Reach Your Goals

Our instructors receive top-notch training in our scientifically-proven method for success. All instructors attend premiere certification courses and continuing education on our unique movement formats so that they are constantly on the forefront of the fitness field. Whether you are looking to lose inches, improve performance, reduce back pain, prevent injury, or tone up, our instructors are equipped and ready to help you meet your goals!

Rhonda Webber
Owner/Advanced Trainer

Rhonda Webber is the owner and manager of IM=X Pilates Lake Oswego along with her husband Mike. Rhonda is a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast and has 35 years experience in customer service and business management, including many years with both Nike and Nordstrom. Rhonda is certified as both an IM=X Pilates instructor and a Spin Instructor, and has completed both her IM=X Advanced certification in 2010 and IM=X Super Advanced certification in 2011. Rhonda along with her husband and 17yr old son live in West Linn and purchased their IM=X franchise in 2008 after hearing rave reviews from customers and trainers around the country about the IM=X Pilates franchise system.

Barbara Dieringer
Advanced Trainer

As a former Physical therapy aide and a current Licensed Massage Therapist, Barbara emphasizes the importance of building a strong core to prevent injuries. Teaching IM=X Pilates for the past 12 years, Barbara has seen exceptional progress with clients by increasing their overall strength and flexibility. Barbara completed her IM=X Pilates Super Advanced certification in 2012. A fitness enthusiast in her spare time, Barbara enjoys hiking, biking, snowshoeing and kayaking as well as spending time with her fiance' Al, her grown children and of course her Lhasa Apso, Gracie!

Brittney Hock
Advanced Trainer

Brittney has had a passion for fitness and nutrition for as long as she can remember. She started with IM=X Pilates while recovering from a shoulder injury and fell in love with the amazing benefits IMX provided. In addition to being a pilates enthusiast, Brittney is an avid runner and has colmpleted several half marathons. Brittney as her IM=X Basic Pilates certification and her Super Advanced certification as well as her Schwinn cycling certification. Brittney as a background in Public Relations and received her BA from UC San Diego. In her free time, Brittney enjoys spending time with her family and traveling and lives in Lake Oswego.

Sheri Grant
Advanced Trainer

Sheri Grant grew up in South Africa where her father was a leading expert in the Health and Fitness industry. Hy Able was a pioneer in the diet industry and owner of a world-renowned fitness and health center. Sheri grew up in a world of fitness and body consciousness and has 35 years of training in ballet, modern jazz, contemporary dance, martial arts, yoga and Pilates. She has worked as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and wellness consultant in South Africa, Canada and America and trained celebrities including Sidney Sheldon, Laura Hunt and many others. Sheri danced professionally and toured for 6yrs with various dance companies. Sheri has her Basic and Advanced IM=X Pilates Reformer certifications and teaches several classes each week as well as working with private and duet training clients.

Monica Mabee
Advanced Trainer

Monica was born into fitness, always exploring, trying new activities and enjoying the challenge of pushing the body and mind. She embraces living a healthy lifestyle....possibly with a glass of wine or two. She thoroughly enjoys visiting her family in the Bay Area where she was born and raised. Growing up she trained in ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance, as well as being a competitive softball player. Now living in Oregon for over a decade, she fills her time with getting lost in nature while backpacking, running, and promoting her business at local comic-book conventions. After being a student at IM=X Pilates and seeing the benefits of how it personally helped her with overall strength and core stability (more than she ever experienced!) she knew she wanted to pass this training onto others. Monica became an IM=X Pilates instructor in early 2015 and now has her Advanced certification as well. When she is not in the studio teaching she is managing a Physical Therapy center in Lake Oswego.

Tracy Myers
Advanced Trainer

Tracy's background is in aviation, but she has always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. She began IM=X Pilates when she and her husband moved to West Linn during the summer of 2011. Immediately she fell in love with the workout and the results. Tracy became a certified IM=X Pilates Reformer instructor in July 2013 and has also completed her Advanced certification as well. Tracy has always enjoyed teaching. Her past experience includes flight instruction as well as teaching courses at an aviation college. She is currently taking time away from her last position as an airline pilot so that she can stay home with her daughter who was born in September of 2013.

Stacia O'Leary
Advanced Trainer

Stacia was born and raised in Eastern Washington & Idaho. Growing up in a very active family, she swam competitively and trained in various styles of music & dance. Her passion for teaching started as a swim instructor & later became certified with the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America as a fitness instructor. Teaching and promoting health have always been natural part of her life and upon finding IM=X Pilates, she quickly committed to making it a permanent part of her lifestyle. She continues to enjoy exploring new physical challenges and has completed two half-marathons. Aside from her fitness endeavors, she loves to explore outdoors, SUP, write and create art in various mediums. Stacia and her husband live in Lake Oswego with their three children, 9, 6 and 4.

Jacquelyn Rodgers

I developed a passion for the health and fitness industry in my late 20's. I went back to school to earn my personal training certification through NASM. I continued to go back to school throughout the years to get my certifications in Sports Nutrition, Core Strength and Senior Fitness Specialist. I initially discovered Pilates when I moved to Portland in 2014 and fell into mat Pilates. I found IM=X in Lake Oswego while walking my dogs and decided to join a class. I instantly fell in love with Reformer and watched the amazing transformation in my mind and body. I have a passion for making people feel their best through the practice of Pilates and my goal at the end of each session is to have people feeling stronger, more flexible and relaxed. I have been married for 10 years, teach boot camp, yoga and senior fitness classes, have three amazing dogs, love to eat good food and cook with my husband, travel, practice Jiu jitsu, run, bike, hike and garden.

Sarah Rainey

Sarah always had an "on again, off again" relationship with fitness, trying everything from Jazzercise, to kick boxing, to hot yoga, to circuit training, to kettle bells. Within a few months time, she would find herself bored of the routine and moving on to something else (often taking far too long to find that "something else"!). In the Summer of 2013, she found IMX=Pilates and has never looked back! She immediately noticed a difference in her overall strength, flexibility, and posture, while aches and pains in her neck, shoulders, back and hip joints began to vanish. It did not take long before she found that she was in the best shape of her life! Wanting to help others experience the same benefits and results of the Xerciser, as well as improve her own understanding of the IM=X Fundamentals, she pursued her IM=X Pilates certification in the Spring of 2017. Outside of the IM=X studio she manages an Integrative Wellness and Natural Beauty store, with an emphasis on complementary and alternative medicine, and natural skincare and beauty products. When she is not working, she loves cooking, reading, and taking the occasional day trip to wine country with her husband, Steve.

"These moves are designed not only to tone and elongate your muscles, but also to improve your posture and help your back. So try them and start reaping the benefits"

— Fit Magazine