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The IM=X® Pilates Team is Qualified To Help You Reach Your Goals

Our instructors receive top-notch training in our scientifically-proven method for success. All instructors attend premiere certification courses and continuing education on our unique movement formats so that they are constantly on the forefront of the fitness field. Whether you are looking to lose inches, improve performance, reduce back pain, prevent injury, or tone up, our instructors are equipped and ready to help you meet your goals!

Dr. Michael Magwood

Dr. Michael Magwood represents Pure Balance Center and specializes in Prenatal and Pediatric chiropractic care. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, Canada, before earning his Doctorate at the New York Chiropractic College in 2000. He is certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). IM=X Pilates NYC has become a diverse wellness facility,” says Dr. Magwood, whose IM=X certification has led to his offering of IM=X® Prenatal Fitness a safe and clinically rich exercise protocol for expectant mothers. “I am also certified in the Webster technique for pregnant moms and have contributed some of our case data to an international research study.” Dr. Magwood is a also a local supplier of Pathways to Family Wellness magazine. "Our young patients are responding to gentle pediatric techniques and we provide a successful approach to posture correction including young patients with scoliosis."

Dr. Matthew Pozzebon
Chiropractor/IM=X Trainer

With a patient centered approach associate, Dr.Matthew Pozzebon guides his patients to optimal health and well being. His caring and compassionate nature inspires him to provide attentive, individualized chiropractic care, using detailed diagnostic procedures and techniques. A background in classical dance, as student and professional led Dr. Pozzebon to pursue a career in Chiropractic.

Bernadette Silva
Manager/IM=X Trainer

Bernadette Silva, MA, CRC, Certified IM=X Pilates instructor has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Baruch College and a Master’s degree from New York University Steinhardt School of Education, with a Certificate in Rehabilitation Medicine. Servicing clients in the healthcare field for over 15 years provided me with the understanding of what they are searching for emotionally. Working in rehabilitation medicine has enabled me to understand how important it is for us to protect and strengthen our bodies.
 Exercising has always been part of my life. I’ve trained privately for more than 10 years in various techniques such as boxing, strengthening, yoga, Pilates, Krav Maga and I finally discovered the right workout that works best for us as we age.
 Being a mother of three I understand how pregnancy can change your body. I knew it was going to take a lot of work and dedication to get my body back. I found Pilates to be just what I needed and love. 
I truly find it to be a rewarding experience and get excited when clients tell me they are happy with their results.

Marta DeSpirito
Im=X Master Trainer

With more then 15 years of experience my passion for Pilates has inspired others to begin and continue their journey in a lifetime filled with good health and well-being. With IMX Pilates Certifications in Basic Reformer and Floor, Advanced & Super Advanced Reformer and Floor, Tower and Platform, have enabled me to achieve a strong knowlege and education in Pilates allowing me to become a leader in the pilates industry. IMX Pilates is an exercise system that really works. I look forward to training members to achieve their fitness goals.

Vanessa D'Avanzo

First I just want to say how happy I am to be a member of Imx Pilates team. I have been actively doing pilates since my early 20’s. I am excited to share my passion for pilates with all of you. I have always been involved in fitness and sports. I played Varsity soccer in High School and Division 2 in college. I still play for fun till this day. I am an avid skier and snowboarder and have been since I was 5. I ski mostly in Vermont. Last year I became involved with cross fit. I train hard 5-6 days a week. Always working on form which enables me to get stronger. I train with TRX 2 times a week. Using your natural body weight is a great way to develop strength. This year was my first year participating in Spartan races. I ran the Citifield sprint a little over 3 miles. I ran well I tried to run the Spartan beast. 14.5 miles up the mountain that never ended. It was extremely difficult and kept on saying one foot in front of the other. It took me 8 hours and 45 minutes. I was not looking to do it for time just looking to complete this challenge injury free.

Johanna Luzak

Johanna studied Pilates under Cathleeen Murakami at Synergy Systems Fitness Studio in San Diego, California in 2005 and has recently completed her IMX=Pilates certification in New York. She has taught Pilates at studios in San Diego, Laguna Beach, and Kauai, Hawaii. Johanna believes Pilates is one of the key pieces in an integrated approach to fitness and health. Along with Pilates she also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology: Fitness, Nutrition and Health, and certifications in TRX Group Suspension training and The Egoscue Method of Postural Alignment. Johanna is the mother of two young children Dorian and Frankie and in her free time loves spending time with her family and being outdoors.

Gigi Gould

Gigi has studied movement all her life, starting as a child in dance lessons, and progressing on through dance college, and beyond. She is currently certified in IMX Pilates Mat and Reformer, the Pink Ribbon Program, Group Exercise and is a certified Personal Trainer. Continuing educational credits include, Pilates Applications for Special Populations. She really enjoys helping clients understand the way they move on a deeper level so that they can, in turn, improve their posture, work with proper bio-mechanics, and develop strength while avoiding injury.

Angela Tetreault

Education: B.S in Biology from the University of Rhode Island Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA), IMX Pilates Certified, Zumba Certified, CPR/AED Certified. Personal Bio: All my life I have been very active and had a passion for anything health and fitness related. I played soccer, ran track and field and was a competitive cheerleader right through my college years. I figured why not take something I am truly passionate about and turn it into something positive for others to benefit from. With a strong background in human anatomy and physiology I am able to understand and push clients to achieve their fitness goals. I am always looking for ways to push and keep myself in shape, so it comes naturally for me to want to motivate and educate my clients on ways to improve their own health. I love to see the enthusiasm and excitement that comes from my clients when they reach their goals or feel good about themselves. It has been a truly gratifying career path and I enjoy it tremendously!!

"These moves are designed not only to tone and elongate your muscles, but also to improve your posture and help your back. So try them and start reaping the benefits"

— Fit Magazine