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The IM=X® Pilates Team is Qualified To Help You Reach Your Goals

Our instructors receive top-notch training in our scientifically-proven method for success. All instructors attend premiere certification courses and continuing education on our unique movement formats so that they are constantly on the forefront of the fitness field. Whether you are looking to lose inches, improve performance, reduce back pain, prevent injury, or tone up, our instructors are equipped and ready to help you meet your goals!

Staci Gudgel

I'm the co-owner of IM=X Pilates and Fitness Studio with my husband, Will. I've enjoyed a varied background in athletics being a nationally ranked swimmer, a highly regarded competitive tennis player and fitness instructor at luxury resorts in Mexico. I continue my active lifestyle by participating in Pilates, tennis, cycling, running and weight training. I'm excited to be able to use my unique background at IM=X to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

Will Gudgel

I'm the co-owner of IM=X Pilates & Fitness Studio with my wife Staci. I have been involved in competitive sports and fitness training my entire life. After years of running, cycling, weight training and boot camps, I was introduced to the IM=X Pilates Xercizer. This form of exercise was the first to leave my body feeling energized and loose versus tired or sore. I became such a fan that my wife and I bought the studio!

Kristi Spears
Certified IM=X Instructor

I have always been interested in health and well being. I was first introduced to IM=X Pilates in 2005 and was thrilled to have found something so fun, challenging, and beneficial all at the same time. I loved the classes so much that I decided to teach them myself!

EJ McBroom
Certified IM=X Instructor

I've always led an active lifestyle and accomplished my fitness goals trough a variety of different activities. After attending Pilates classes at this studio as a client, I quickly discovered how the IM=X brand of Pilates combines strength training, cardio and flexibility into one fun and challenging workout. I became an instructor in 2013 so I could share my love of Pilates with others.

Gretta Pote
Certified IM=X Instructor

I was introduced to IM=X Pilates in August 2009 and it quickly became my favorite form of exercise as it consistently challenges the body and incorporates strength building and cardio. In the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity to begin training as an instructor and obtain my IM=X certification so I could share my interest in health and fitness with others. I live in Carmel where I am the Director of Bands at Clay Middle School. I also enjoy running, biking, shopping and spending time with my family and friends.

Beth Richter
Certified IM=X Instructor

I've had an interest in the physiology of the human body for over 15 years. With my background as a pharmacist, as well as, experience within disciplines of ballet, competitive tennis, weight lifting, and nutrition, I bring a well-rounded ideal to the practice of Pilates and Cycling. Pilates is my “go-to” cross-training tool that helps me to personally feel more aware of my body, increases strength in my core, as well as leaves me feeling more graceful with the stretch it allows. I bring with me a love of group fitness classes because of the benefits of community and support through all of the students and staff!

Kellee Clevenger
Certified Biocored Instructor

Twelve years of gymnastics and a lifetime fascination with human movement provides me with a passion for Pilates. Four years into Pilates teaching, I was introduced to the Biocored System of Movement and became intrigued by its lasting effects on the body. I'm now a Level 4 Licensed Biocored Instructor and continue to incorporate both practices with my clients. I strive for my clients' work from each session to carry on with them throughout the day and to help each person have an awareness of what makes their body feel the most balanced, harmonized and free of pain.

Letitia Haywood
Certified Yoga Instructor

The connection between mind, body and emotions has been a constant focus in my life since my teenage years. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Clinical Addictions Counselor(LCAC), and an advanced Yoga instructor (RYT) having received my 500 RYT training in 2010. I've practiced Hatha & Vinyasa style yoga since 2000 to help with chronic knee & hip issues from my college years of track & field and completed my initial 200 hour Yoga teacher training in 2008. I'm now in my 2nd year of a 3 year Yoga Thrapy Certification. Teaching Yoga is a great compliment to my full time career as a psychotherapist. As a result, I bring a unique point of view to my Yoga teaching style guiding students to explore, experience & embrace the relationship between your physical and emotional selves. I'm also a passionate student of Dr. Sue Morter and the Energy Codes concept. This advanced study continues to be leveraging force in my personal journey and service to others as I learn, live and share the process of realizing one's personal human potential. These studies have further enhanced my understanding of the spiritual journey and its connection to emotional and psychological struggles that affect the body. I'm a proud wife and mother and embrace life, my daily practice and teaching with the belief that peace can be achieved no matter the circumstance.

Andrea Selstad
Certified Cycling Instuctor

I've taught in the fitness industry for over 10 years. In 2004, I became a certified Spinning instructor and still loves the energy, music and camaraderie of class. I'm also an American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer. In addition to Spinning and training, I also teach TRX, BioCored, Tabata and Strength classes in both public and corporate settings. "Music is a passion, so I want to know your favorites too. Let's get them on the playlist before our next ride together!"

"These moves are designed not only to tone and elongate your muscles, but also to improve your posture and help your back. So try them and start reaping the benefits"

— Fit Magazine