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The IM=X® Pilates Team is Qualified To Help You Reach Your Goals

Our instructors receive top-notch training in our scientifically-proven method for success. All instructors attend premiere certification courses and continuing education on our unique movement formats so that they are constantly on the forefront of the fitness field. Whether you are looking to lose inches, improve performance, reduce back pain, prevent injury, or tone up, our instructors are equipped and ready to help you meet your goals!

Linda Klena
Advanced instructor

Linda has a B.S. Degree in Exercise Science. Her background in personal training and exercise, nutrition, and stress management led her to the Pilates method. After certifying in 2006 through Integrated Balance in mat and equipment Pilates she has used the training in all of her personal training clients. She has been leading people through a healthy lifestyle for almost 20 years. After competing in 2 natural bodybuilding competitions she realized that Pilates based principles were the way to a healthy body.

Melissa Plumeau

Melissa has been teaching group fitness since 2003 and has been certified as a personal trainer through NASM since 2005. In addition to pilates, Melissa teaches kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, water fitness, Athletic conditioning, indoor cycling and Stand Up Paddleboard fitness. Melissa found the IM=X method early on in her teaching career when a participant commented that her style fit perfectly. After some research, she set a goal to one day become certified and was able to do so in 2014. As an athlete and a dancer, Melissa feels that pilates has enhanced her performance (on the stage and on race day). Melissa is always learning new, creative ways, sometimes from her students, to enhance the pilates experience!!

Andrea Dearden Holmes
Owner and trainer

Andrea came to IM=X in 2014 completely new to Pilates. Challenged and intrigued, she fell in love with the way Pilates challenged her mind and body. Wanting to deepen her own practice, Andrea completed the IM=X certification program and quickly realized the opportunity to help others to find their passion for Pilates and feel the physical and mental benefits of the exercise. She has a passion for making people feel their best with the practice of Pilates. Today, Andrea co-owns the studio and teaches several classes each week. Her goal at the end of each session is to have people feel stronger, more flexible and relaxed. In addition to Pilates, Andrea is the Director of Communications for the Ada County Sheriff's Office where she guides communication, organizational development and change management across the agency. She loves her family, coffee, paddleboarding and swimming!!

Sparkle Patterson
Trainer and Barre

Sparkle discovered her passion for dance early on in life. By the age of thirteen, she was touring with the Idaho Ballet Junior Program. She attended the University of Utah as a ballet major. She followed her passion all the way to New York City where she continued her career in dance. Sparkle decided to further her education with a degree from New York School of Integrative Nutrition concentrating in holistic wellness, where she earned her certificate as a drug-less practitioner. Her health and wellness career arc culminates with being certified as an IM= X practitioner. Sparkles athleticism has led her to take on many challenges with different sports. An ultramarathon runner, she has coached others in their training, and has completed many races even being named as coach of the year of the Boise Walk Running Club. Sparkle had thought she had reached her fitness peak, that is until she attended regular Pilates and Barre classes. It was in these classes when she realized her core and hips were not as strong as she would have liked. She needed to work on those stabilizing muscles that Pilates and Barre workouts provided allowing her to continue her rigorous cardio workouts. Sparkle enjoys working with people of all abilities and wants to share with others the importance of being healthy and well. And most importantly, Sparkle helps people to love who they are!!

Lori Newland
Pilates Reformer Instructor

Lori comes to as as a certified instructor after attending class here for a number of years and parlayed her enthusiasm for the method into a certification in the reformer. She is the mother of 3 and is an active member in her church and her childrens activities!

"These moves are designed not only to tone and elongate your muscles, but also to improve your posture and help your back. So try them and start reaping the benefits"

— Fit Magazine